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GEOBASS Season 2: Black Bass in Papua New Guinea

The GEOBASS guys have moved on to Papua New Guinea in search of bass...what do you think they'll find?

For more scoop, check out the GEOBASS page over at Costa.

GEOBASS Season 2: Peacock Bass in Brazil

The GEOBASS boys are back for another season...this time in the wilds of Brazil!

GEOBASS: Botswana

Holy crap!  They don't mess around.
Hope those fish don't have Ebola...

Who Doesn't Love Crap Like This?

You know you want one...

The Mann's Three-For-All - Don't Call It an Alabama Rig

Not allowed to toss an Alabama Rig?  Think multi-hooks are for wusses?  Toss this instead.

Appears to be some sort of evil genius at work here...