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GEOBASS Season 2: Black Bass in Papua New Guinea

The GEOBASS guys have moved on to Papua New Guinea in search of bass...what do you think they'll find?

For more scoop, check out the GEOBASS page over at Costa.

GEOBASS Season 2: Peacock Bass in Brazil

The GEOBASS boys are back for another season...this time in the wilds of Brazil!

GEOBASS: Botswana

Holy crap!  They don't mess around.
Hope those fish don't have Ebola...


Watch your ass Roland Martin...

Who Doesn't Love Crap Like This?

You know you want one...

The Great Outdoors In A Glass

Must be why the stuff gives me the runs...

Sega Bass Fishing Review

The reviewer thinks using the word FUCK over and over and over in his review makes it funny.

Fucking moron.

The Big Dance

The best $9.99 you'll spend today...maybe even all year.

Get 'em HERE.

The Rhythm is the Bass and the Bass is the Treble

Yeah, it's Bass, not Bass, but they're spelled the same.
Now regulate.

shirt here

I Don't Fish For Bass Often...

...but the next time I do, I'll use the Clif's Crawdad

All pictures and video liberated from Lunker Hunt.  No, not THAT one...THIS one.

I Catch Bass Sometimes...

Didn't say they were brag worthy, but even Troutrageous! gets Basstastic from time to time...'d that get in there...

Sponsors Galore

Was greeted by NASCAR on TV tonight with the Budweiser Shootout.  I casually watched quite a few crashes, and found myself rooting for the Bass Pro car at the end.  He didn't win.  Maybe next weekend.
Vroom vroom

But then again, next weekend forget about Daytona...we've got the 2011 BASSMASTER CLASSIC and the only sport that wears sponsor logos just as well.  I'm putting my money on a Hack-Attack!
Home water advantage?

Launch of the Basstastic! Blog

WTF is the Basstastic! blog and why should I care?

Want the short answer? Let's just call it the testing ground for its older brother Troutrageous! Some odd crap will probably go on here that isn't really worth anyone's efforts in following. So no, you really shouldn't care. Heck, I'm the author and I'm not even sure I care.